Keyur Mehta

Keyur Mehta

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Client: Keyur Mehta

Date: 15-05-2012

Categories: Logo Design



To resolve the common problems, he has found some special techniques, which work well and eradicate the root cause of the problem. He thanks God for giving him birth in such a powerful and knowledgeable family. Also, he is obliged to her parents and colleagues, who provided patronage in each and every new idea he has tried to implement. He confidently takes up cases, and with her unmitigated dedication to astrology, solves their problems. He believes that if God has created a problem, there ought to be a solution to it. Be it a human being or a tree, if not in good health or status, there must be some reason and it must have a solution too. He has been attempting at cracking such fundamentals, and continues to do so. He desires to dwell in remedial measures and help the world to the best of her abilities.

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